A Bay window is an opening protruding from the main walls of a house or construction which forms a kind of a room of square or polygonal shape. These are used to extend the room and make the house look spacious and more open. They can also be decorated to increase the overall beauty of the room and its appeal both to inhabitants and visitors.

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These are also used to give a better view of the surroundings outside, more than ordinary widows do. They also increase the amount of light coming into the room. Due to the large space used by the window, there will also be an increase in the amount of air getting in and out of the room. After putting it up, It will add new design or shape to your room. The room ends up looking unique than when ordinary windows are used.

Bay Windows - Provide More Space to Your Interiors

Bay windows make a charming addition to any home. These three window-design forms, with their three-dimensional configuration, can also be a challenge to design. If you have bay windows at your house, you may be in need of bay window treatment ideas to make your bay windows appear more attractive.

Because of their unique configuration, it can be difficult to find curtain rods and headings for drapes to cover and adorn bay windows. You may need to buy three different sets of poles and rods to cover all three windows.

Be adventurous and creative, but don't go overboard: a bay window on its own is quite attractive, so you may simply be gilding a lily if you add velvet and roses and stained glass into one elaborate, but overdone heap.

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Bay Window Treatment Ideas

Bow and bay windows are sought after by homeowners to make a bold statement. Curb appeal is often enhanced by replacing a few standard double-hung windows on the front of a house with one large "showcase" window that projects outward from the exterior wall of the home. By extending the facade in this manner, you are afforded the ability to construct an interior window sill onto which you can set vases or other floral arrangements, fine porcelain or even trophies, if your heart desires. I had a customer several years ago who purchased a large bay window for one simple reason: to allow his cat a place to comfortably lay in the sun.

As with all replacement windows, there are many factors you must take into consideration when purchasing a bow or bay window. First and foremost is the energy-efficiency of the product. Remember, these windows are much larger than traditional double-hung windows, the ones you will likely find in your bedrooms. As such, there is substantial glass surface area which will be exposed to the elements. Choose a window with poor glass and you'll be miserable for years to come.

The interior window sill on a bay or bow window can be vinyl or wood. Often, birch is the wood chosen by manufacturers for its beautiful wood grain. Be careful if you plan to place plants on this window sill. When watering, any overflow will damage the wood before long. It may be best to opt for a vinyl sill if this is your intention. If instead you plan on placing a large vase or artificial flowers on your new sill, birch will be your most attractive option. A wood sill can be stained and a polyurethane coating applied to not only protect it, but to complement your home's interior. Often we will stain a sill to match a wood banister or hardwood flooring in a customer's home.

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• What a Bay Window does to your House?

The work of this window is to change the basic structural style of a building by adding some difference to the original design. This is because they protrude outwards from the room creating another unique design in the process. Bay widows can be used in different rooms to show a sense of space. Particularly, they can be placed in living rooms and master bedrooms. Their excellent style tends to make a person think that the room was made big originally.

• Traditional Bay Windows

These windows were traditionally made from three windows. That is a large window fitted with smaller windows, but today, these windows are made by placing beautifully at any angle which can be imagined to add elegance to a building. Well built windows are able to last a lifetime and may require no maintenance all the while. The owner of the building can be able to choose designs that accentuate the decorative decor of the room.

• Decorating Bay Windows

Some of the windows are in glass; others are vinyl, both of which are built in lighting and high performance glass system. This helps to bring different personality for different buildings and people. These give different angles to view your world and enjoy the world outside your home. Finally, the extra area created by bay windows can be an excellent placed to sit and relax while reading your newspaper or magazine. One can also place beautiful flower or plants to add more elegance to the room.